About Lixian


This is a building block design 8 years ago. I sealed it for a long time. I didn’t do any design and the website was closed for many years.

I recently suffered from severe depression. I lost 10 kilograms and lost only 46 beats per minute. I think I might be a turtle immortal soon, but the doctor does n’t think so. He recommends more exercise. Sunbathing during the day will improve I have to check regularly and take medicine for a long time. I really have no money to see a doctor. In addition to thinking that the medicine is expensive, I also feel that it is particularly a waste of time. I think I should find something I like to adjust myself, so I bought a 3D printer for money,

I am printing these blocks now, and imagine that they can spell out various interesting shapes.

I will try to make some videos, and then upload OBJ files for download and printing by friends who like to play with building blocks. In addition, I will continue to explore new shapes to make this series of building blocks more colorful.

The operation of the 3D printer is more complicated and tiring than I thought, and it needs to print out accuracy and efficiency. In the past few days, I have spent a lot of time to find out. I bought various props on Taobao to help. Controlling this machine and letting it obey work, I seem to have forgotten that I have n’t finished the doctor ’s orders, and I still have the pressure of life to work and earn money. There is a wish to achieve it.

I will write some precautions to introduce the problems and solutions in the process of printing these blocks. I hope you can get some help from my experience.

Thank you for your attention

Li Xian 2020